What are the student visa requirements for North Cyprus?

As of July 2023, only nationals of Syria, Armenia, and Nigeria require a visa to enter North Cyprus. Some other nationalities, like Pakistan, will need an approval from TRNC office in Islamabad to travel from Pakistan. However, most other nationalities can travel visa-free with specific requirements, including a final acceptance letter from the university (issued upon tuition fees deposit payment), a valid passport, a round-trip ticket for first-time entry students, and an accommodation reservation.

It’s important to note that students with residency permits in Gulf countries, EU countries, Schengen Visa, European Visa, UK Visa, or USA visa can enter North Cyprus without significant complications. Upon entry, students receive a 90-day visa and are expected to complete their student permit process during that period.

As of August 15, 2023, this information may be subject to updates. Therefore, we recommend that all Fall 2023 students check with their respective universities before traveling to confirm if they need to obtain any form of visa.