What countries and/or universities are ideal for a low budget?

Affordable and low-budget countries can be classified based on low tuition fees, low accommodation and living expenses, or an overall balanced low-budget environment. Countries like Germany are well-known for their relatively low tuition fees; however, living expenses can average around 12,000 EUR yearly (as of 2022). On the other hand, countries like Malaysia offer more affordable living costs, where students can live off 300-400 USD per month. Though tuition fees in Malaysia might be slightly higher, the country boasts high-ranking universities.

For a well-balanced option, consider Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. These countries offer a good mix of affordable tuition fees and living expenses.

For more detailed information on programs within specific budgets, you can use Drasco’s search feature and use the slider under “more filters” to specify the budget you have in mind, you can also include living and accommodation costs in your budget, keeping in mind that these costs are average estimates.