Do you have or offer scholarships or scholarship programs?

Yes, every university and country has its specific requirements for scholarships. Drasco makes it easy for you by providing all fees after the partial scholarships from all offering universities for your convenience. Some universities provide heavily discounted tuition fees if the student pays the full amount for the entire program in advance (for this you will need to contact an educational consultant at Drasco). Additionally, total fees can often be discounted by up to 50%, providing an option for some students, particularly in Turkey and North Cyprus.

While partial scholarships are readily available and offered to eligible students, fully sponsored scholarships are typically provided by governments or specified by universities/students. This means you’ll need to conduct thorough research to find such opportunities. Drasco can assist and guide you through the relatively simple process of obtaining country sponsorship from your country of origin (mainly provided for gulf countries citizens). However, university-specific scholarships are not currently offered by Drasco. Rest assured, it will be announced if such scholarships become available in the future.

For up-to-date information about fully funded scholarships, such as Turkish Burslari and UK Chevening Scholarship, you can always check their relevant websites.