Can I apply for Foundation?

Absolutely. If you are unable to enroll directly into a Bachelor’s program due to insufficient academic qualifications, it is highly recommended to start with a Foundation or Pathway program. If you don’t have a full high school degree or haven’t completed 2-3 A Levels with passing grades, you should consider Foundation programs. To determine the best fit for you, review the program requirements of the universities you are interested in. You can also read more about who is eligible for a foundation or pathway program here.

Our platform makes it easier for students by supporting applications for Foundation programs offered by universities. Through our platform, you can automatically find out if you qualify for a Bachelor’s degree or if you need to enroll in a Foundation or Pathway program first. Your admission score determines your likelihood of being accepted into the program of your choice, and a higher admission score increases your chances. This way, you can better assess your possibilities and plan your educational journey accordingly.

You can also read more about admission scores and how can they help you decide on a suitable program for you here.