Would I need to travel with my original documents?

Absolutely! You will need to provide physical proof of your academic qualifications to study at most universities before you can enroll successfully. In most cases, you must show your original attested documents from either the Ministry of Education (if you completed high school) or the Ministry of Higher Education (if you completed a university degree), along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, to the embassy where you will apply for a student visa.

For countries that do not have visa requirements, you will need to present your original attested documents at the passport control upon entering the country. Additionally, you may be required to submit your original academic documents to complete the registration process at the university or sign a petition to provide the original documents within a specific period if you did not have them upon arrival. Failing to do so could result in termination of your admission by the university. Therefore, it is crucial to carry your original documents with you at all times while traveling to your new university.