Which English Proficiency Test do I need?

Many different countries and universities recognize and accept various English Proficiency Tests. We highly recommend IELTS due to its widespread acceptance, which holds true for almost all countries for education, except Turkey. In Turkey, TOEFL is typically the preferred test, and IELTS is rarely accepted in most universities there.

In addition to proficiency tests, some universities also accept alternatives like a proof of English Medium of Instruction from your high school or previous university. If you studied subjects like IGCSE, in an American high school, IB, or in any school where you can prove you studied in English, you may be exempted from taking an English examination. However, this exemption is not guaranteed for all universities, so it’s essential to verify with the universities or your consultant first.

For up-to-date information and your convenience, you can always refer to the Language Requirements section when you view program from the search page on Drasco. To also know more about scored required for most universities and degrees you can click here.