How do I know if a university is internationally recognized?

International recognition can mean multiple things. It can refer to university rankings, university accreditations, or recognition by certain boards. Some top boards and accreditations that indicate international recognition for specific fields are ABET for Engineering and Technology, FIBAA for Business, Economics, and Finance, and being listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools (MBBA and MD). Local accreditations in the university can also determine if it is recognized locally in its home country. In many cases, if the university is accredited by the local ministry of higher education, it is likely recognized globally as well.

Another aspect to consider is recognition in your home country, as this can vary from one country to another. Students are expected to check their own country’s list of recognitions to see if their chosen university is recognized there. Most universities that accept international students are recognized in many countries. After graduation, you may need to obtain an Equivalency Certificate from your home country to ensure local recognition.

If you plan to work or study abroad upon graduating, you may need to get an Apostille stamp from the embassy of the country where you intend to work or study.