Can I get admission after only finishing my 10th year?

Yes, it is possible. Students who do not have full high school certificates are generally accepted into a Foundation year or Pathway programs. These specialized programs are tailored for students with incomplete high school qualifications or low marks, which may not meet the direct entry requirements for higher education, such as undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees. By enrolling in a Foundation/Pathway, students can spend a year preparing themselves to meet the requirements for undergraduate degrees in various fields, including medical, technical, engineering, business, economics, and arts. This option is available for all degrees, without any exceptions.

Students who have completed only 10th grade and did not pass all their subjects should not be disheartened. They still have options to pursue their educational journey. Depending on the number of subjects they passed in 10th grade, they can follow either a certificate-diploma-bachelor degree route or a diploma-bachelor degree route. The whole educational journey in either route will not take more than a total of 5.5 years.

To start with the certificate-diploma-bachelor route, students need to pass any single subject. On the other hand, to begin the diploma-bachelor’s degree route, they should have passed at least three subjects in 10th grade.