What can I do if I don’t meet the minimum requirements?

There’s always the path of resitting or retaking exams for better grades. 

Alternatively, there are options for prospective students who do not meet certain minimum academic requirements. Options such as Diploma programs and Foundation Year programs are always available in certain countries. 

In case re-doing your examinations will take more time, students are usually advised to start a Foundation program in a university offering it. This helps them get a better understanding of university life, rather than risk spending more time and still not matching the same requirements again. This also helps students shape the desired program they are interested in studying after a year of foundation. 

On the other hand, students who do not qualify for Foundation Year are also able to do a Diploma course. This allows them to qualify for a Bachelor’s degree. In rare cases where students also do not qualify for a Diploma program, they are advised to take a Certificate program for 16 months. This would qualify them for a Diploma program, then they can in turn progress to a Bachelor’s degree.