What do I do after I get my Acceptance Letter?

Upon receiving your Acceptance Letter from the university, it is essential to carefully review the conditions and steps outlined in the letter. These procedures will also be highlighted on your profile, usually in the form of a step-by-step checklist, to ensure a smooth process.

In many cases, upon receiving the Acceptance or Offer Letter, the university may request a down payment deposit, which is a partial tuition fee payment. This payment serves to initiate the visa process, issue the final Letter of Acceptance, and reserve your seat in the university. Some countries like Malaysia might only request a visa processing fee of 600-800 USD to start your visa process, and only request tuition fee payment upon your visa approval.

Once you have completed the payment and received the necessary documents, such as the Letter of Acceptance and visa invitation letter, you are ready to proceed with your preparations. Pack your bags, travel to the campus, and upon arrival, complete the registration process at the university to officially begin your academic journey.