What do I do after arriving at the university?

Upon your arrival at the university’s location, you’ll need to arrange transportation from the airport to the campus. Many universities offer airport pick-up services or orientation weeks to guide students on reaching the campus from the airport. However, if these options are not available, you can easily find airport buses that can take you directly to the university.

Once you arrive on campus, you’ll need to settle into your accommodation, which could be in a dormitory or hotel room you already reserved or a temporary arrangement like a guesthouse or a new student room until you find a suitable place of your own.

Next, you’ll visit the university’s registration office with all your original documents and passport for in-person registration. The registration process ensures you become an official student of the university.

Following the registration, you may need to visit your department’s office to register for your courses for the first semester. In some cases, this can be done online.

Once you’ve completed both the registration and course registration processes, you’ll be all set to attend your classes without any issues, ready to embark on your academic journey at the university.