Can I get a job while studying abroad?

In general, students are allowed to take on part-time jobs during their studies in most countries, and it is completely legal. However, there are certain limitations imposed, such as total weekly working hours and maximum daily working hours, to ensure that the jobs do not negatively impact academic performance. For example, in Malaysia, students are typically allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours during holidays, only for specific jobs open for international students. Moreover, working in Malaysia will require approval from the Ministry of Immigration.

In some countries, like many states in the US, students may be restricted to working on campus only. These limitations are in place to safeguard academic performance and prevent any adverse effects that could lead to university suspension or visa cancellation. Overall, getting a part-time job while studying is both possible and permitted, but it’s essential to abide by the regulations set by each country to maintain a successful academic journey.