How To Choose Your First University

Decided on being an international student and studying abroad?
Congratulations! Now you just need to do your research and apply for a university.
Are you too afraid to begin the process and so you keep postponing it? Or are you scared of making a bad decision when choosing your first university?
Are you confused about which college to join or what degree you should be pursuing?

Well, no need to stress out! You are not alone, and the sooner you start searching for information and begin the application process for a university degree, the higher the chances of you being accepted into one or more of the international universities you’re dreaming about. 

Applying to a university, whether it’s in Turkey, North Cyprus, Malaysia, Poland or even the UK and the US, is not as complicated as you might think. You just have to pay attention to a few details and prepare all the necessary documents as soon as possible. What college should I go to? What degree should I get that I will be happy with 10, 20, or 50 years from now? How can I apply? What are the papers required? Can I double major?

Asking these questions might seem to add to the pressure of picking a major, but it can also be positive. This is because it allows students to widen their options. Choosing your first university or college is about more than just the name on the diploma. Where a student chooses to go to college touches numerous aspects of his or her life. From academic studies to social activities and beyond, even to their lifetime career and specialization later on. 

Additionally, every student is different, meaning every student wants and needs different things out of their college education. What is right for one person might just not be the best pick for another. These are all major decisions, which lead up to the most important decision to take. Which university or major should I choose?

The Big Decision

Some people enter college with a clear idea of what degree and what university they will be pursuing, many people don’t and that is okay; we get it. IT IS A BIG DECISION. And it is important to understand the process, and what the weight of that decision means to your future self. There are thousands of majors to choose from, and each university and program will vary in their offerings. It’s not as hard as it sounds; we will walk you step-by-step from picking a major to registering for the University of your choice.

Introducing Drasco… The gateway to going global; Drasco has a team of experienced university and career advisors that specialize in supporting international students with the most suitable options that fit every student’s tailored criteria depending on their goal and objectives. Not only that, but Drasco will also be helping you consider the kinds of educational environments that will help you succeed and enjoy your university life.

Figuring out what is important to you in a college will help you narrow the field when choosing the perfect fit. You may even discover options that hadn’t been on your radar! While making your college decision, you are probably evaluating a pretty long list of factors. You consider price, class size, what majors they offer, and one of the most important factors, location. But when it comes to the big choice, there will always be three primary factors to consider when figuring out which university is the most suitable for you, and below they are ranked in order of what we think should be the highest priority.

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Where is the university located?

When considering locations, and whether you will go to an urban university or a school in a rural or urban area, your priorities for extracurricular activities should be considered. Downtown colleges can offer a large variety of activities. Whether you love sports, art, movies, plays, or just going for a run every day, the city of an urban college can offer all of that. Choosing your first university doesn’t mean you would have to sacrifice any of the things you loved to do while growing up, in fact, you may even get to enjoy them more. 

While your college experience is largely academic, you will definitely spend a lot of time on other activities. Some of these will be on campus, and others will be off campus engaged in your surrounding community. The same goes for the environment, cost, and other basic college criteria.

If you can’t live without nightlife, then you have to opt for the city! If you’re more about the outdoors, you may want to go a bit more rural. There are universities in every environment you can imagine, from tiny towns to big cities.

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What majors are being offered in that university?

What do you want to study? Will it help you with the profession you want? Will the university of your choice help you achieve those things you’ve always dreamt of?

Choosing a university isn’t easy and especially true if you are an international student seeking a university abroad, where there are thousands of universities that you can choose from. It is more than okay to be picky as a university is considered not only a long-term investment financially, but a huge part of your life and many decisions on your future timeline would depend on what choice you make. So, it is a wise decision to review the details of the university options available to you, and this includes their accreditation, their rankings, and their academic quality.

Once you have made your choice of a university, it is better to make sure it also supports the college study you would like to pursue and your major, as they are more of down-the-line decisions that are more related to your future career

Choosing your first University/College/Major requires a lot of research for future opportunities. At Drasco, we help you make that decision that better suits you so you can have the best vision of your options before you take on this great investment.

Oxford Universty

Does the university meet my budget? Does it have scholarships or support students with financial aids?

The budget set for college tuition is the one thing that most parents think about during the college searching process. And it is – as mentioned earlier – a big investment for you and your family. It is always important to weigh out your options versus the value you get for your tuition fees and find your best bets. Always prioritize the quality of education rather than the side attractions and distractions for the location.

There are still a variety of ways to cut your costs, and that includes financial aids and scholarships. Most colleges offer financial aid and scholarships. In addition to that, many universities provide competitive rewards depending on your major of study. Financial aid is usually offered as a fund in most universities which is provided to a student who is in need of the funds. On the other hand, scholarships are rather granted based on your unique interest in some majors. But it can also be enhanced with your interpersonal skills, your school academic performance and even your athletic achievements.

Alternatively, you can ramp up your budget through student loans, where you can apply for a fund. In addition to that, there is always the possibility of work-study programs. Working while you study does can help lower the financial load on you/your family. And it can also help provide you with more allowances for your leisure time and abroad experiences.

At Drasco, it is our profession to help you make the best choice. And this applies to picking a university, a major, or even the country to study in. We take the time and give you the care necessary to help you identify the criteria that will drive your college choice early on. If you need professional consultation, do not hesitate to apply for free consultation and get in touch with one of specialists!

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