5 Thing to Know Before Traveling To College

That’s it. You got your acceptance letter in the university of your choice. You booked your flight tickets and packed your excessively heavy bags. You’re finally read to travel to college. But you are laying there wondering.. What now?

Most students go through this experience, everything is smooth as long as the adrenaline is rushing, but these few days before the trip always leaves everyone in confusion.

Well, don’t worry, this happens to absolutely every student, regardless of the destination country or experience. As a student who traveled hundreds of miles for education, I developed some techniques to make this experience as smooth as possible. In this article I will walk you through the journey of taking your first flight to your university.

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#1 Chill

No seriously, you need to chill. Studying abroad and traveling to college might be two very stressful activities, you might feel the urge to panic at every detail and always predict the worst possible scenario. To that I tell you, chill!

Despite everything you might expect, nothing actually goes that wrong when you’re traveling. Yes there might be a possibility that your flight gets delayed and your luggage gets lost, but these are “future you” problems, stop dwelling on the possibilities and just.. you know.. chill.

travel abroad

#2 Have a Checklist

You don’t simply leave the house, you usually do a three-point-check: keys, phone, wallet (unless you are a psychopath). Now you’re not just leaving the house, you are leaving the whole country, so you might consider a checklist slightly bigger than just these three.

Start with the basics, I found it really useful to have a folder with all my documents in it. Have your passport and travel documents, and then have a copy of all your important documents printed in that big folder (I call mine “the mother of all folders”).

Then you proceed with your belongings and other material in your luggage.

Finally, do not forget a portable charger for your phone, and you might want to download podcasts or a movie for the flight (because you really do not want to watch the in-flight movies.. Spoiler Alert: Snakes on a plane!)

#3 Do your homework!

Let’s admit it, you probably googled your name. So you can use the same method to get a glimpse of where you are going. Try researching the university you are going to, most universities have a “Student Life” section on their website. Check the campus and the buildings, the spots you might want to spend time at. You can use TripAdvisor for the most common tourist attractions. Also, you might find it useful to look up the average prices so you wouldn’t get scammed over a bottle of water.

travel document

#4 Again.. Chill

Okay, this might seem that I am just filling up some content for this article (..or am I?) but it is imperative to remind you to chill. It is okay to be anxious sometimes, but just remind yourself that everything is under control. Drasco’s team is always available for the sole purpose to answer your questions, help you plan your trip, and remind you that everything is taken care of. Really, chill.

#5 Double Check

Yes, you are excited to travel and start your new life, but take a few moments to revise your checklist, put these items in writing so it will be easier for you to cross them off the list. As long as you are on the ground, you are able to make changes and adjustments as much as you need to. Just revise and double revise everything.

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Now you have your checklist and you’re good to go, lay back and enjoy your flight, and best of luck on your trip to your new life. And always remember to chill.

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