Why Study in Poland?

Many people dream to move and live abroad, find a job and maybe settle there for life. However, we all know how hard it is to grab your bag and book your tickets to fly away. You’ll be stopped and asked for your purpose of travel, where, why, when and how are you going and coming back. These will all be questions you get asked. However, I think there may be a solution for you. Study in Europe, however, is it affordable to study in the EU?

The answers is yes it is! You can study in Poland and there many good reasons why this is a solid idea. For starters, there are few countries like Poland that are affordable in comparison to other EU countries and offer accredited degrees for everyone who is seeking a higher degree in technical or medical fields. It offers you affordable tuition fees, low cost of living and highly acknowledged degrees across Europe! There are many reasons to study in Poland, let’s explore what they are.

Job Opportunities

There are many options and opportunities for students studying in Poland to also work at the same time. Depending on your department and field of study a wide variety of jobs is available. Students that are not able to speak Polish are still able to acquire jobs as English is a commonly spoken language. Therefore, it will not be an issue when looking for employment.

High Education Standards

A wide range of international students from across the globe can be found studying in Poland. 14 universities located in Poland are in the QS World University Ranking List 2019. The high level of education offered provides modernized and update methods of teaching and learning.

living abroad

Cost of Living

The cost of living and studying in Poland is much cheaper when comparing prices and fees found in other western European countries. The current economy can be classed as stable which enables lower costs for goods and services therefore making it an affordable place to live.


The main type of transport used by students studying in Poland is public transport. Travel passes are available for students with up to 50% discount on all local and domestic transport services. However due to the high level of urban planning, it is both safe and enjoyable to travel on foot. Polish cities offer a mixture of panoramic views and rich landscapes.

Polish Hospitality

Extraordinary hospitality is deeply rooted within the Polish culture. Don’t be surprised if locals invite you to have dinner or party with them. The friendly mentality of local people will make you feel welcome and they are most likely to offer to show you the whole city.

Medical Degrees

If you are looking for an affordable, accessible, accredited medical degree Poland is a top destination. It also will provide you with many high-quality training opportunities. The courses available for students are structured and based upon the American educational system which will enable you to find work in the EU or US.


The natural build up and landscapes in Poland are diverse and beautiful. Poland hosts many mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, coast lines, beaches and untouched forests. Polish cities are filled with historical buildings, famous architecture and landmarks featured in cities such as Warszawa, Krakow, Wroclaw and Tricity.


Poland was ranked 24th in the list of safest countries around the world which makes it a very safe place to study in. However, like many cities in the world crime is still evident therefore necessary care and precautions should be kept in mind.


The weather in Poland varies and can be unpredictable all year round. Temperatures of 25 to 35 Celsius can be reached in the summer months. In comparison Polish winters are commonly known for heavy snow fall and are heavily enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Do you still think travelling to study in the EU is hard for you? If you are a student, Poland can be a great foot in the door for pursuing an education and potentially a career in the EU. You can also travel all across Europe as soon as you receive your permit in Poland as a student, this will give you an experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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