Why Study in Ukraine?

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Have you ever tried to look up for medical universities to find out that they are extremely expensive and maybe exceeding your budget? Let me tell you a secret. Try googling “cheapest medical universities in the world”, you will definitely find Ukraine in the list and as for the time I’m writing this blog, the current world’s cheapest university is definitely located in Ukraine and is Ternopil State Medical University. The universities in Ukraine is known for their relatively cheap tuition fees not only in medical fields but also in technical and social science fields. This makes it a valid opportunity for everyone looking for an accredited and historically rich university and country. I will discuss with you a few of reasons of why I think Ukraine must be your place to go for the degree of your dream.

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Quality of Education

Ukrainian universities are characterized by their high-quality of education. The variety of programs available are internationally recognized all over the world. These include; Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Asia, Africa, the World Health Organization, UNESCO and the European Council. This makes the diploma obtained from a Ukrainian university useful as it can be used everywhere in the world. There is also an established recognition procedure in line with the Lisbon Convention, with ENIC/NARIC Ukraine recognition aiding the students in being employable and accredited in their future after finishing their degrees in Ukrainian universities.

Studying Medicine in Ukraine

Studying medicine is one of the main strengths of Ukraine; compared to other parts of Europe the costs are very low. There are thousands of international students studying medicine in Ukraine, as medical courses are amongst the most popular. As mentioned before, you can easily study MBBS degree in Ukraine, as it is recognized everywhere in the world. The medical degree is recognized by the World Health Organization, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout the European Union and various international organizations.

Low Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in higher education institutions throughout Ukraine are much lower than in European and North American universities. Ukraine also offers the possibility for students to pay tuition fees upon arrival. Commonly, many students do not want to pay before arrival, you are given this opportunity if you decide to study at a university in Ukraine. However, students are required to pay for the invitation letter and the services the agency provides if you use it. The tuition fees for medical degrees will cost you anything between 4000-5000 USD per year and for other undergraduate degrees it will cost you 2000-3500 USD per year. Accommodation cost will range from 300-100 USD per year for dormitory and starts from 200 USD per month for apartments and studios. However, students are required to pay for the invitation letter and the services the agency provides if you used an agency that charges admission fees.

Variety in Language Of Learning

Students can register for undergraduate, masters and graduate programs. Students also can choose whether they want to study full-time, part-time, or through long distance learning methods. Foreign students can also choose the language in which they wish to study either being Ukrainian, Russian, or in English. There are also a variety of programs that a student can choose from, it is worth noting that Russian and Ukrainian taught degrees are significantly cheaper than English degrees.

European Life Standards

Ukraine is classed as the largest country in Europe. It is located in central and eastern parts of Europe. Ukraine has high European living standards yet offered at low prices. Thus, this country is a good place for a professional start. The conditions for entering Ukraine are also very flexible for foreigners. The conditions for entering Ukraine are also very flexible for foreigners. When the student receives his/her invitation letter from the university, the visa process and admission become just a matter of time.

International Educational Experience

A large number of universities found in Ukraine have partnerships with leading educational countries such as USA, Canada and other European countries. This gives students an opportunity to meet famous and international professors from around the world whilst paying low tuition fees. Another key advantage for students is that Ukrainian universities off their good quality accommodation for inexpensive costs.

Easy Admission Process

Due to International students not needing to enter or pass any registration exams to study at a Ukrainian university, it is easier and less stressful for possible students. TOEFL or IELTS is also not mandatory. Universities in Ukraine des not also offer any extreme conditions for you to be accepted, however, the university any courses may be challenging to be prepared for an easy enrollment yet a challenging degree to attain.

Permanently Residing in Ukraine

All students who have succeeded and shown their working abilities not only have the chance to work in Ukraine after studying, but also have the opportunity to live there for an indefinite period of time. 

The Ukrainian government and entities seek to employ successful students that have some experience in their fields which makes it an opportunity for anyone seeking a work opportunity after graduation. This may eventually turn into a residency in the lands of Ukraine, structuring your life in a way you never imagined.

Do you think there are any reasons not to study in Ukraine? The only reason I see is the cold weather, but who doesn’t like to see snow in the winter? These reasons are some of what  I think is the most looked for reasons by anybody seeking to study in an accredited, well located and relatively cheap country in 2020.

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