New Logo & Visual Identity

We're Evolving!

Today we’re launching our new logo and visual identity, as we start to refresh and modernize our look in general. Our old logo was designed on the fly and was meant to just look ‘professional’. We had a love-hate relationship with our old logo and we have a lot of sentiment for it. And yet, here we are to explain why we decided to evolve it.

Firstly, this is not change for the sake of change. That said, change is inevitable, and something to be embraced, but that’s not a good enough reason to change a logo. A good reason to change a logo is that it’s not doing the job you want it to do—and because a simpler, more distinctive evolution of it could do that job better.

Our first logo was created before the company launched. It was detailed, and sophisticated, and the graduation hat resembled the educational vibe that you’ve come to expect from a company like us.

It was also extremely inflexible and very generic. It was generic in the sense that it looked terribly similar to the logos of most educational companies. Even worse, it had ‘Educational Agency’ always on display and a divider line in between which made it very square-ish—and when placed on any part of our visual content, it would either take huge amounts of space or be too small to see. It looked terrible. It pained us. Just look:

We thought of developing different versions of the logo that omits the extra elements, which could’ve technically worked well. But that meant that it would look even more generic, and the old graduation hat could never look good on its own.

They were all quite average really. And the important thing about being a brand is that whenever people see you in the wild, they should recognize that it’s you.

So here we are. Our in-house design and brand team, together with Louis Kender and the team from Softriver, worked to create a new and more modern visual identity. And we’re starting, today, with the logo.

It uses a brighter and simpler blue color palette and, we believe, is more refined, but still contains the essence of the original. The name of the company is in all lower-case which helps us appear friendlier to many of. Our signature mark, the graduation hat (which nicely also doubles as an opening box), is simplified and modernized.

One seemingly small but huge change is the name, we replaced ‘Agency’ with ‘Services’. This is because we’ve realized that we’re becoming more than an agency. We’ve been constantly expanding not just your access to more universities and countries, but also the range of services we provide and we’re continuing to find innovative ways to making the process more convenient and effective for you. We felt calling ourselves an agency limits us and doesn’t allow us to expand to territories that far outreach educational agencies.

All this makes for a logo that allows our visual identity to be in-line with the direction our company has been going towards, friendly and innovative. It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see all the other visuals around Drasco aligning around this new direction: on the website, in advertising, and our social media. It’s still us. We’re still Drasco. But more modern, friendly and, we hope, more instantly recognizable.

TL;DR: We changed the logo and part of our name.

Love, the team at Drasco 🎓👍