4 Things to Avoid When Studying Abroad

The trip to study abroad might be stressful to some students, but to other students it might be a great opportunity to experience new cultures, visit new places, and indulge in adventures in addition to gaining an education degree. However, some students tend to forget some of the important precautions when living in a new place. It is not necessarily out of carelessness, sometimes people just get caught away with the obvious measures to stay safe and prevent any unwanted situations that might lead to further problems.

Stay away from Sketchy Places

Yes, exploring your new environment is a very thrilling activity to do, and sometimes you tend to feel curious about certain areas that seem off-bounds. But, maybe sometimes the adrenaline-rush is not worth the dangers that may come in your way. Try to know where the safe locations are for tourists and even locals, as well as the timings when your city goes dark.

Although we believe in humanity, we are realistic enough to know that some people are not very fond of humanities as well. Remember to trust your intuition and just make sure that your feet do not take you to danger just for the sake of curiosity.

Gambling and Loan-Sharks

Financial distress is probably one of the worst experiences any international student can go through (unless you enjoy ramen noodles). Sometimes the financial issues cloud your judgement and force you to take irrational decisions just to be able to have a decent meal. However, as an international student you must totally refrain from gambling at all costs! The theory is that you can make a quick buck by throwing some money in a bet or a table, hoping that this will bring you cash. Well, I am sorry to tell you that this never works! And even if it works, it is just temporary. Most of the time, gambling leads to more gambling, either to make more money, or to compensate for your losses, which eventually leads to total loss.

On the more dangerous side, loan-sharks are the worst solution to a financial issue. If you’re living under a rock, loan-sharks are people who provide cash for a collateral in return for an interest over time. At first, it seems like a quick solution to get some cash, but in fact, this might get really dangerous and complicated if you won’t pay on time. Intuitively, loan or no loan, sharks are not cool things to be involved with.

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Some students are considered an easy target for hustlers and scammers. The narrative is: International students are unaware of local traditions, therefore it is easy to scam them. Unfortunately, some students fall in the trap of their educational agency that enrolls them in the first place. Most of the time, the agency does not require to pay any expenses to them directly; most of the payments can be directly given to the desired university directly. Make sure that you do proper research before paying any money for the educational agency or housing agency

The other form of scammers you might encounter is usually found at tourist sights. You might be intrigued to look around, but be careful of pickpockets who come across your way as merchants or street artists; keep your valuables at close proximity and in your reach at all times.

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Yes, sorry to burst your bubble, but student parties tend to be very dangerous. The music might be good, and the vibe is good, you might be having a very good time, but some things can pass as casual, but actually extremely problematic. Parties are the optimal location for excessive alcohol usage, and sometimes drug usage. Drug-use is not tolerated in almost every country so what is normal to you, might lead you to issues that you do not need. Party hard, but practice caution.

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In conclusion, you can have fun and enjoy your time as much as you feel like. But to avoid unwanted situations try to be careful and responsible in your decisions and actions.

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